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Thank you for visiting the AngloCypria page. After considerable thought regards to what I should say here I decided that I must introduce myself so that every person interested in conducting business with us is assured of our integrity and ability to deliver conclusive and fruitful results.

Nick Gregoriou the MD entered the property business in 1972 as a mortgage and Insurance consultant and progressed to Estate professional soon after. In 1980 his wife joined him and they have been running the business together ever since.



At this point I would like to give an insight into the challenges we have had to endure to reach the present stage. We entered the property business with boundless energy, commitment, zeal, some naivety and lack of realism. After some years of success we were pressed down by confusion and frustration but we worked our way out to reach the present stage of realism success and acceptance that no matter how hard the times are the clouds always part when one persists and after they do, the business enters the age of plain maturity and the day to day work looks so easy.



We are a property services company based in Croydon Surrey in the United Kingdom. We specialise in the following three areas of activity and we pride ourselves to be the best in our field.

1.      We let properties to families and rooms to single persons in Surrey and London.

2.      We sell land, flats and houses in Cyprus.

3.      We hold occasional land auctions in Cyprus

4.      We act on behalf of Cypriots living in UK for the disposition of inherited land in Cyprus.

These days we restrict our activities to lettings in the Greater London area and Sales of land and holiday homes in Cyprus.


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